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  1. Hit the ball as hard as you can...

    “How do we bring beginners up to speed faster? But if you get performance faster, does that stimulate motivation? The book “Talent is Overrated” suggeststhat with kids, one of the most powerful motivators is early success or prowess with a particular sport or activity. So how do we get success faster? Which motivates motivation—having it, or faster progress?

    From my experience by allowing begnners to play without fear of consequences; fearless golf. Play like the score doesn’t ...
  2. Consistently stupid...

    14/9/12 Friday. Ambled around the course yesterday morning and hit the ball well enough short game was a fail though. Interesting aside was joining up with anotherclub golfer who has not played the past week due to a back injury as well. Both were making the same short game errors and that may be nothing more than coincidence yet still worth the attention.

    When my injury is in ascension generally playing the driver and long iron shots are not affected too much. The short game really ...
  3. Back in the swing and it feels so damn good...

    12/9/12 Wednesday. The temptation was too great and I just had to grab a golf club and hit some balls into the net on Tuesday afternoon. A few stretches and loosenedup from the first swing to the last 35 balls later, every one reminded me why I enjoy playing golf as much as I do.

    In hindsight the break has been a wise move. The smoothness of the shots and the energy and power was terrific to feel again. It was as if a mountain of weighthad been removed from my shoulders and restraints ...
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  4. Blink and you miss it... Oz Golf

    8/9/12 Apologies for the delayed acknowledgement of your contributions, Golfgeek3005, RABBITSFOR08. One of the joys of rural living and moving house is the transfer of communication services. May be better off with carrier pigeons instead of telcomunications, less crap with pigeons.

    The money is a factor, the tournaments are part of the day job for professional golfers. As is the sanctioned status of a tournament and the entry success gives to other events. The distance to be travelled ...

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  5. Eliminated on the 18th hole...

    4/9/12 Tuesday. Back home this afternoon after travelling to Adelaide straight after the matchplay round on Sunday. Eliminated from the championship challenge on the 18th hole of the day. Was 4 down after nine holes and had three errors on three holes that cost me the game. Two poor chip shots and a poor putt on the first hole of the day was all it took to be defeated.

    Once again though it was the overall golf from game to physical condition that did not measure up at the end ...
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