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  1. Winning... It matters to me

    16/8/12 Thursday. No practise is going to happen today, in the words of Noah (before the publisher edit), “It is p!ssing down” With some luck perhaps a bit of putting may happen later in the day if the rain goes to intermittent showers. Not the best situation for my preparation for the championship qualifier on Sunday but not a concern.

    Compared to the 2011 season at this stage then I was running on empty as the season drew towards the championships. There were a few injury problems ...
  2. A winning result...

    13/8/12 Monday. Once again the two competition round golfing weekend has delivered winning results in my game. Ever since I started travelling away to play on Saturdays,when playing the next day in the home track competition no matter how I perform away my golf is either a winning or top three place result. It is an odd experience as the away courses are very different, invariably the greensare faster and fairways feature taller trees. This seems to make me hit much straighter off the tee and fairways, ...
  3. Kingston SE some good form comes into my game...

    12/8/12 Sunday. The good golf form which has been sitting back apart from occasional glimpses in rounds of late came out in full light during yesterdays round atKingston SE. Not having to travel so far and playing in reasonable weather was an assisting factor also. Scoring 34 points and that was with a poor display of tee shots and 3x three putts. The All hybrid set again showed itsbenefits, GIR were above my usual standards 50% of greens hit and those missed were in the less than 5 metre zone. ...
  4. Club Competition only this weekend...

    11/8/12 Saturday. The past week was not the most golf inclusive for a while. Playing the Kingston Open on Sunday was a tale of two nines in what could be termed very challengingweather conditions. Strong winds passing rain squalls were the feature on the front nine and I scrambled to a 45 off the stick and that was a good effort on the day. After lunch and feeling confident the wheels fell off mygame. It was a collap[se across the board, putting chipping fairway and tee shots all compounded to return ...
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  5. Complete hybrid set is astounding...

    4/8/12 Saturday. Yesterday afternoon I played the easiest nines holes of golf ever in my experience. Not the best, the easiest, not the most fun, the easiest, thatsums up the playability of the complete hybrid set that I now have in the bag. I scored a gross of 41 (5 over par) in the nine holes played with the hybrid set. My first plan when they arrived was to get on the range and hitballs with my six and eight irons and then compare the shots with the equivelent hybrids.
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