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  1. My local drummond store has turned to SHIT

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    Wow my local drummond store at carnegie has changed ownership and the new guys are SHIT not freindly at all it's all about trying to sell me shit I dont want.
    I had a great relationship with the guys who were there and they gave me awesome service it was a great place to go shop.
    Also they have gotten rid of the guys who were there NOT A FRIENDLY OR FAMILIAR FACE THERE NOW bad for business guys you have lost me and all my mates to your opposition won't recommend anyone ever go to
  2. Bordertown Open result....

    3/4/12 Tuesday The weekend tournament at Bordertown was one of extremes in golf. The first day is still one that has me bemused at the result. Starting on the backnine my final scores on the nines were 55 and a 51, total gross 106 for a nett 93. Last time I had a 100 plus score was in September 2011 when I was struggling to play with the golfers elbow injury, prior to that was in November2010 when playing off a 19 handicap. This round was one of total inconsistency. Could not drive of the tee with ...
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  3. Taylormade R11 and R11 TP review

    Here we go boys. the release ffrom TM is out and everyone wants a crack.

    Instead of looking at the golf mag reviews and independant sites, i thought i'd put my own review up of someone without a bias and isn't getting paid to generate sales.

    The conditions:
    Both drivers were tested indoors initially on a launch monitor, before taking the R11 out on course.
    Course conditions were quite windy, but good greens and decent fairways.
    Launch Monitor: Swing ...
  4. Hawkesbury Classic Paddle 2010

    Thought this would be a perfect spot for my Hawkesbury Classic posts.

    2010 has now begun. I am on the hunt for a faster kayak for this years classic. Looking at a TK1 class kayak for this years event. They average around 11-13km/h. I averaged 6-7 last year in the kayak I had borrowed. Will be fitter and also mentally stronger for this attempt. 111 kilometres and not the 65 that I did last time.
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