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  1. Final tune up done now to play...

    1/9/12 Saturday. Played in the Kingston SE competition today for 33 stableford points with 4 wipes. Was great for my confidence after being crippled last weekend with the back injury. Tentative off the tee to start and in the back nine hit my peak with long straight drives. Even better was 50% GIR for the day apart from some second rate putting and the residual stiffness from the injury the only other faults were mental.

    Well prepared for the match play tomorrow in the first ...
  2. Back in the swing...

    29/8/12 Wednesday. Did the smart thing yesterday and did not succumb to temptation and withdrawal symptoms and go out swing a club after the Bowen Treatment. It did help keep me indoors with the rain falling throughout the afternoon, as I am certain that going to practise some putting and chipping would have led to hitting some long irons.

    This morning though I grabbed twenty balls together with the six iron and pitching wedge then went out on the practise fairway. Nice and easy ...
  3. Championship draw finalised...

    28/8/12 Tuesday. Managed to get a Bowen treatment this morning and that has released the restriction on my body. Was healing up slowly but getting a treatment was vital to have me in better condition for the first round of matchplay for the club championships on Sunday.

    Got to the clubhouse and have seen the draw, it is the same opponents as last season for the first two, with the current club champion my opponent if I win the first round. Then it will be some one new to play ...
  4. A little common sense goes a long way...

    26/8/12 Sunday. More mobility and less pain this morning was able to get up at 5am and move well enough through the various newspaper delivery tasks. It has been a while since having a really bad flare up on this scale. It is now when my positive attitude can cause problems. It has always been a matter of "what can I do" when feeling like this instead of thinking "what is not possible."

    This has caused problems in the past as pain is a great creator of irrational ...
  5. Hit the pain barrier and golfing stops...

    25/8/12 Saturday. So far the day has been bad since levering out of bed at 4.30am to get into work.
    On a scale of one to ten the pain and discomfort level is an eleven today. It has been a long time since I have been this crippled with pain and inability to move. Although mobility and pain has lessened in the last three and half hours, common sense dictates no golf this weekend unless there is major improvement.

    At least I am not being paralysed in place now as I was ...
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