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  2. Steady golf improvement...

    18/10/12 Thursday. Back home after a week of travelling and looking forward to having a hit today. Did get out and play four holes after arriving home yesterday that was cut short with cart hire duties for green fee players. Must admit that this will not be missed after November when I go off committee, while still volunteering for other club duties will still be a commitment on my part if it is not Junior Golf or New Membership development I will not be stepping forward.

    There ...
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  3. One month to go...

    12/10/12 Friday. Crap weather is not encouraging my golf obsession at the minute, combined with the busy schedule of work responsibilities having a hit has been restricted. It essence this has likely been a good thing in the less is more approach to golfing.

    Definitely not feeling any physical discomfort that is golf related and with the driving range set up at home now I can hit balls when I want to. Taking it easy is in part influenced with some common sense and looking forward ...
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  4. Ball goes longer in the sunshine...

    5/10/12 Friday. Out and enjoying the sunshine today in the afternoon 9 hole ‘Chicken Run’ Hitting the ball and having fun even as the greens are recovering from the coring on Monday there was a reasonable result given the social and experimental influences on the game play. Also playing off a 9 handicap in this comp. and not my official 13 hcp. wit two wipes managed a credible 12 points.
    A couple of lost balls and a struggle with distance affected the scoring. The ball was travelling much ...
  5. Back into competition again...

    1/10/12 Monday Good Grief it is true I do still play golf! Seems like forever since I have played a competition round and it is over a month since recovery from the injury flare up and getting knocked out of the championships. Finally bit the bullet and played Sunday and had a couple of goes at getting to the club, yes there was fear in my mind at playing again and doing myself an injury.

    Monthly Medal and finished with a 93 for a nett 80, the 26 putts won me the flat stick ...
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