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  1. Hit the pain barrier and golfing stops...

    25/8/12 Saturday. So far the day has been bad since levering out of bed at 4.30am to get into work.
    On a scale of one to ten the pain and discomfort level is an eleven today. It has been a long time since I have been this crippled with pain and inability to move. Although mobility and pain has lessened in the last three and half hours, common sense dictates no golf this weekend unless there is major improvement.

    At least I am not being paralysed in place now as I was ...
  2. Golfsense Sensor

    Quote Originally Posted by Marto65 View Post
    JB HIfi only have them online.
    They are advertised in their catalogue that was in the Courier mail yesterday as only available online $159.
  3. Qualified for championships...

    20/8/12 Monday. The first qualifying round had to be played on a composite course yesterday. The front nine had too much water laying on some holes not to ignorethat the ground was muddy and plugged balls would have been easily lost. A stroke round and championship value it would have been unfair on the possible scores. Hence the decision was made to play the back nine twice as thisis up in the sand dunes and not as much effect on the holes by the flooding.

    I was in a good mind set ...
  4. Saturated course for first championship qualifier

    19/8/12 Sunday Even with the losing effort at Kingston yesterday finishing 3 shots off the mark, it was a good preparation for today. First Qualifying round for club championships and my game is in good form. Importantly so am I physically especially compared to last season when I was struggling to swing a club let alone play well by this stage of the season. Improved fitness 7 kg lighter at the minute following the weight reduction program of the past months and of course second season as a non ...
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  5. Course development... I'd rather play golf

    18/8/12 Saturday. This is about to become a rant that has been formulating for several months. Our club is currently in the process of developing land for adding holes to become a quality 18 hole course as well as subdividing existing land to finance the project.
    As is expected there are residents who do have objections to what is open space as a golf course becoming housing and there has always been a position of compromise with the residents to reach an agreement. There has been meetings ...
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