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  1. Paddle NSW Vajda Kayaks Marathon Series

    I have entered another kayaking event. It is the PaddleNSW Vadja Kayaks Marathon9 series. It is a series of 9 20km races at various canoe clubs around NSW. I have so far competed in the first 2 events. The first at my home club a few weeks ago and the latest today down in Canberra. I am currently in Division 6, this is for paddlers that complete the 20km in greater than 2 hours. Each division steps down in times to Division 1 who do the 20km in around 1Hr 30 Min. There are also shorter distance ...
  2. My Game

    As the title says this is all about my Golf Game or lack of. Rounds will be placed here as they happen. Should be interesting to see when and where I play. Could be lots or could be nothing.

    1 Round played
    Liverpool GC - 26 points hit the ball ok left lots of putts out there.

    Played again on Friday 4th June, in the QANTAS Sydney Engineering Golf Day @ Glenmore Heritage. Was an ambrose day so could not really tell how my game was but it did seem ok, Short ...

    Updated 7th June 2010 at 02:30 PM by Grunt

  3. Hawkesbury Classic Paddle 2010

    Thought this would be a perfect spot for my Hawkesbury Classic posts.

    2010 has now begun. I am on the hunt for a faster kayak for this years classic. Looking at a TK1 class kayak for this years event. They average around 11-13km/h. I averaged 6-7 last year in the kayak I had borrowed. Will be fitter and also mentally stronger for this attempt. 111 kilometres and not the 65 that I did last time.
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