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My Golfing Passion...

In 2009 I returned to playing golf. After a 20 year lapse it was a delight to get back into the game as a player. Whilst being a great player will never be in my grasp. Improving and enjoying the rounds and experiences, the good and bad ones is part and parcel of my documenting it online.

  1. 18 months later...

    After looking at the previous post from back in November 2012 it inspired me to look at what had eventuated golf wise since then.

    Was playing off 14.1 then and now at 9.8, have dropped 8kg in weight, again. The next season 2013 was a dog of a year for me, injury was a never ending problem. By November 2013 my handicap had blown out to 16.7, it was soul sapping at the time. A change in rehabilitation/injury therapy led to a doctors appointment and discovery there was a new injury that ...
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