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  1. Talart's Avatar
    Having a bash is great fun it has been great to get out and enjoy the game and not have the 'must win' approach of late. It is refreshing to drop that facet of golfing and return to the beginning.
  2. Irongrass's Avatar
    Hi Talart,

    Having the same problems with work getting in the way of having a hit. This week most of the clubs are having mixed Ambrose, or similar, so I'm giving these games a miss. Having a hit out with a mate at Tailem instead - just going to enjoy having a bash rather than taking trying too hard - which is possibly my biggest mistake! Keep enjoying your golf Talart!
  3. Irongrass's Avatar
    Hi Talart, glad you're on the mend.

    Just about to have a practise down at Mannum this arvo. Hope the wind abates.

    Good luck over the weekend mate.
  4. Talart's Avatar
    32 points is a good result. I always found anything over 30 would have me feeling satisfied with the game and looking forward to the next round. I have had worse and it has been a couple of years since getting flattened like this with a flare up. In better condition that last season though and the last two days have been been improved a lot. Bowen treatment today and that will hurry the healing along. Be out hitting golf balls tomorrow (Wednesday) getting the short game in tune.
  5. Irongrass's Avatar
    Hi Talart, mate it sounds like you've been to hell and back! Not good mate. I hope the pain level subsides. Patience of course is difficult to bring into one's head, when golf is the subject. I'm like you, can't stand sitting around waiting for the occassional painful backache to subside. Man it gives me the shits!

    Take care and rest up. The more important games are coming up by the sounds of things.

    By the way, I scored 32 points in stableford yesterday. Reasonably happy, but missed a couple of easy putts. Very silly indeed.

  6. Talart's Avatar
    No room left for any more moisture is the case. We could not pump water off the course last month due to works being done by the irrigation contractor. In that time the course was literally flooded on several holes, all for the slowness of inserting 30 cm of connector pipe. That was done eventually and the course pumped dry again. I think that it still had soaked up all it could though and then the 50mm (2") in 24 hours late last week just broke the capacity again. Still pumping water off course yesterday and the coverage is less visible but still a soaked course.
  7. Irongrass's Avatar
    Wow, that's incredibly different from when I was down there in May! Hard to comprehend! I guess its that time of the year; the ground is soaked and unable to take up any more moisture...
    Good luck with the championship!
  8. Irongrass's Avatar
    Yeah, don't change your position. I guess what I was alluding to was to keep fighting on - let the "artillery shells" bounce off - and fight on regardless!
  9. Talart's Avatar
    Thanks dave1, I put as much belief into having a good mental attitude to match the playing form. Even yesterday with 3 brain fades that cost me a winning chance doesn't matter now. It was all preparation for today, I will not be as sociable today in the 1st Handicap Qualifying round as I was in the Stroke round yesterday. I found from observing playing partners not for their golf actions but the silent attitude and demeanour observation that gave me useful game skills.
  10. Talart's Avatar
    LOL driving a tank over the opponents would be effective, a little not so pissed off this morning but not changing my position on the matter.
  11. Irongrass's Avatar
    Hi Talart.... working with a community can be next to impossible sometimes!!!

    I like your comment about the T34.... Some say that that tank won the 2nd World War!!!! Evidently.... the early German experience was that their artillery shells would bounce off of them....

    I reckon there's something in that you know....

    Take care mate!!!
  12. 's Avatar
    I like the attitude

    I coach at other sports and for the life of me can't understand why people spend time, money, physical effort into something and not try to win

    Golf is expsensive, time counsuming and bloody hard! if you're not trying to win then what are you wasting all of those resources. If I'm going to spend $2000-$3000 a year on fees and balls and spend hours and hours trying to get better than why wouldnt you try hard and do youre best to win?

    love the blog!
  13. Chris32's Avatar
    Even the PW is a hybrid? What make of clubs are they?
  14. Talart's Avatar
    All the regional opens I have travelled to this season have had average numbers in attendance. Those when there have been poor weather in the offing have all had low attendances.
  15. Irongrass's Avatar
    Thanks for that Talart, I think that's why I enjoy your blog, as it gives me encouragement to see how you've progressed. Played a bit better today, and scored 33 points. Good company on the course keeps me smiling though!
  16. Irongrass's Avatar
    Hi Talart, the Mannum Open was on last Sunday as well. Lots of people registered but pulled out once they saw the weather. Disastrous for the club too - less entrants meant less $$$. I reckon 97 off the stick is a pretty reasonable score considering the conditions.

    Really interested in your new set of clubs. Might have to look into the cost of them I reckon... and start saving the $$$.....
  17. Talart's Avatar
    Yes mate All ofthe clubs are hybrids , Lol mate when i first started I recall after my MVA back in the 1980's, it took me at least a year to break 100. The score at the begining does not really matter, enjoying playing the game is the key and be sure that your scores will improve any way. The days will come when you will finish a round and sit back and go WTF how easy was that lol.
  18. Irongrass's Avatar
    Very interesting stuff Talart. By the sounds of it, all the clubs are hybrids - is that corrrect?
    In April I purchased a Adams set of irons, which included 3 hybrids. I didn't even know that you could get an all hybrid set. I can hit my hybrid clubs reasonably well (and my Wilson driver), but my iron shots are terrible still. Your experience confirms my thoughts - easier to go from hybrids back to the driver than from driver to irons.
    Also, had my first comp game today - a stroke competition at Mannum. Played horribly. Not one of our group went below 100! I hit my worst score for five months, with a 121.... Aggghhhhhh!!!!!
    Anyway, next week is a Stableford comp, so I hope I'll do a tad better.
    Thanks for your blog too.
  19. Talart's Avatar
    Having crap rounds is not the end of the world. Although I do know ex-golfers who have stopped playing out of the frustration of not being able to get the results they expect. I had not lost a ball in weeks until the last round and lo and behold I hang in there to win the competition! As long as the ball is round it is good enough for me, with the advantage of having four holes on theRobe track that eats balls and a quick walk in the holidays usually returns enough balls for months of play here.
  20. Irongrass's Avatar
    Thanks Talart for your update. Always an interesting read for a golfing tragic such as myself. Personally I've been making a mess of my game! I've lost 7 balls in my last two games at Mannum. Thank god I only use cheap Wilsons... I'm hoping to play my first Stableford on Saturday.
    Always interesting reading about your progress Talart.
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