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  1. 18 months later...

    After looking at the previous post from back in November 2012 it inspired me to look at what had eventuated golf wise since then.

    Was playing off 14.1 then and now at 9.8, have dropped 8kg in weight, again. The next season 2013 was a dog of a year for me, injury was a never ending problem. By November 2013 my handicap had blown out to 16.7, it was soul sapping at the time. A change in rehabilitation/injury therapy led to a doctors appointment and discovery there was a new injury that ...
  2. Home Club open this weekend

    10/11/12 Saturday. A good week of golfing fun finally getting out to practise without interruptions.The cross us amateur golfers bear is that we have to let golf be second more often than not to our regular living. In my example the need to have less time golfing is not that much of an irritant. The balm being that my golf has improved a lot since 2009. The 'less is more' as an ethos to recover from the injury flare-up in August has been maintained in line with not having to practice as much to ...
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  3. Back on the winners list at last...

    5/11/12 Monday. It has taken a few weeks and little good fortune but at last I have returned to the winners list. This weekend took the extra step and played twice in competition Saturday at Kingston SE Stroke round for a Gross 89 for a Nett 77 (12hcp) with 33 putts. With a sub 80 gross score dropping off my handicap went out to 14 for the Sunday round.

    Nothing spectacular playing wise plugged along steady steady had a few chances for birdie along the way, still with a poor ...
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  4. Steady golf improvement...

    18/10/12 Thursday. Back home after a week of travelling and looking forward to having a hit today. Did get out and play four holes after arriving home yesterday that was cut short with cart hire duties for green fee players. Must admit that this will not be missed after November when I go off committee, while still volunteering for other club duties will still be a commitment on my part if it is not Junior Golf or New Membership development I will not be stepping forward.

    There ...
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  5. One month to go...

    12/10/12 Friday. Crap weather is not encouraging my golf obsession at the minute, combined with the busy schedule of work responsibilities having a hit has been restricted. It essence this has likely been a good thing in the less is more approach to golfing.

    Definitely not feeling any physical discomfort that is golf related and with the driving range set up at home now I can hit balls when I want to. Taking it easy is in part influenced with some common sense and looking forward ...
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