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  1. Chopper Progressions.

    Well Its been a few weeks now, and I can finally say my iron play is starting to come good. Im standing over a ball with any of the silver sticks with confidence that it will go where I want it to and not the lack of confidence and hoping it will go somewhere kind of near where it needs to be, but on the same fairway.

    Confidence, I have found, is entirely under-rated and is just as important or more than a decent swing.

    Im not saying now that I can put the ball to within ...
  2. Confessions - and progressions - of a chopper

    well, my worst nightmares have come true.
    A Chopper.

    After playing so well as a youngster, and getting back into it lately, my worst prediction would have been 12 -15 HC. just got a 22!
    And my recent effort meant that I played to a 36!

    Somewhere, somehow, something has gone wrong. I used to be able to go round without a single lost ball, now im lucky if i only lose half a dozen.

    After coming to this conclusion, its now time ...
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