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  1. Concentration...or the art of losing matches

    So another weekend of pennants has gone by.
    Again, got to 3 up after 9 and threw it away for another 2 and 1 loss.
    It seems that I play great on holes when I don't need to, but can't take advantage of the lead I build. Its like I tense up and try to 'play smart' rather than keeping my rhythm going.
    As a positive, I actually started to feel 'nervous' down the final few holes as I tried to keep the match going. I hadn't felt that so far this season.
    I am starting to get ...
  2. 'Half as hard, twice as far'

    An adventure into smarter golf.

    So today I had committed myself to playing some 'smarter' golf. I've known for quite a few rounds now that I get into most of my trouble off the tee.
    So I decided to keep the driver in the bag for most of the round and take 3 iron off the tee. The comp was 4BBB Stableford.

    Started on 10 today, which was one hole I had decided to actually hit driver. Push right, into next fairway. Semi-fat recovery into trees. Punch into bunker. ...
  3. The Mental game...

    So last weekend was probably the worst round of golf that i've played. Ever.
    And it wasn't the bad golf that I was playing that made it bad. It was the fact that I just got angry. Quickly. And I couldn't shake it. It just brought my whole round down. Up until the 9th hole when I NCR'd and left.

    So what is it that does this?

    I went out and played a few holes yesterday afternoon. 10,11,12,10,18. +2 off the stick. WTF?
    Still not hitting the ball ...
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