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    I was down there at a supers conference two years ago...thursday night was the big dinner and they had it out at Hobart dogs..great night by the way. I had to be on the road at 6:30 to drive up to Launy and pick up some blokes from the airport to take them out to Barny for the weekend,
    So were getting dropped back at the casino after the dogs where we were staying at 11:30..in the front door and towards the lift...must remember I had to be on the road at 6:30.
    All the boys were tuirning left into the Birdcage bar...no must keep walking towards life...must get on the road at 6:30.
    As soon as I made that slight one step deviation left I knew I was in trouble....left birdcage at 3am and worst two hour drive in my life on the black icy roads to Launy....probably still registering about 0.15.
    Got to airport in time to collect jack...although he drive the rest of the way to Barny.
  2. Jarro's Avatar
    Sounds like fun (you bastards)

    have a good one
  3. BrisWesty's Avatar
    Hope you've got lots of pills. Have a great time.
  4. Marto65's Avatar
    I hit the fairway ... yep .. sensational.
  5. Ferrins's Avatar
    How good is the drive on the 3rd at Tassie.
  6. Marto65's Avatar
    I've saved the best pairs for Barny and Lost Farm.
  7. kingslayer33's Avatar
    I definitely wasn't referrring to your game with that comment - more hoping you haven't gone out too hard with the loudest pants first round.
  8. Marto65's Avatar
    Mate .. today was about building some confidence for the weekend. As for the pants, I've got more where they came from.
  9. kingslayer33's Avatar
    I hope you haven't blown your load already Marto?

    Pants like the ones you wore today will take some effort to relegate into first or second runner-up position.
  10. nudgee's Avatar
    This promises to be a fantastic trip and the weather forecast is looking much better!!
  11. Ferrins's Avatar
    it seems that everyone here is over 70

    Not true, the climate ages them and their genetics if stuffed from sibling shagging.
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