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  1. The Tassie Trip - Day 4

    After an uneasy nights sleep, I made the short drive to Lost Farm at around 7.30 in the morning. As I pulled in, Kingslayer and Eags were already in motion, moving toward the chipping green. The balls went up, and I was paired with Hux against Nudgee and Peter-RS. Well ... didn't we give them a pounding .. a 5/4 victory to the good guys. After the match was over, we let them sneak back some respect by winning the back 9. Hux played awesome ... the week of golf in Victoria obviusly agreed with him ...
  2. The Tassie Trip - Day 3.

    After behaving myself last night .. only one beer after dinner in the cage .. I thought I'd get an early start to the day. Then I woke up at 8am. Thats two hours later than normal. I could live down here if it wasnt so cold .. I cant sleep in anywhere except Hobart.
    Drove down and checked out Royal Hobart ... looks flat but very well maintained.
    Then over to the Tasmania Golf Club. Thought I'd better cart it with a few big days coming up ... and after birdying the last 2 at Kingston ...
  3. The Tassie Trip - Day 2.

    After an unexpected big night on the grog, I woke this morning to a bit more rain outside. It's wasn't heavy, more like a heavy sprinkle, just constant with a bit of wind.
    Last night was funny ... I was about to go back to my room when I saw The Birdcage - the bar at the front of the Wrest Point Casino. I thought .. I'll pop in for one drink ... I'm not looking forward to paying the bill tomorrow. Kept cracking myself up by asking guys in tuxedos if they drove F1 cars. Had to be there ... ...
  4. The Tassie Trip - Day 1.

    My first trip to Tassie ... I thought I couldn't wait, but the weather here is a bit sour, although some people here think it's just an average Autumn day ..
    Got to the airport this morning and saw the biggest plane I had ever seen. Then I realised the baggage handler was Jarro, so it was a bit out of perspective.
    The day started well, the flight was on time, I had an absolute minx sitting in the opposite aisle seat and my bags came off pretty quickly. However, the car I have hired ...
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