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  1. mrbluu's Avatar
    Good luck PDiddy!!!
  2. LarryLong's Avatar
    Interesting Petey. Will you need to completely remodel your swing to work with the new hip, or is it a matter of gradually getting your movement back to the point where you can make your old swing again?
  3. AndyP's Avatar
    This might be better as a thread, Petey, as I only just spotted this in the blog section. &nbsp;Unless this is for you to collect your own thoughts?<br><br>Good luck with the comeback from the hip replacement. &nbsp;That's a lot more serious than my hip surgery.
  4. Ferrins's Avatar
    When is your short game video coming out. I want to learn that flop shot you did at Brooky.
  5. Talart's Avatar
    "studying other peoples swings instead of looking at them" This worked for me, having filmed my own swing since begining to play again and the transitions to the better swing from coaching is good. Watching and then studying other golfers swings has been a great boon, I can tell what is correct/better and applies to my swing and I use this as a reference point for confidence. i dont try to emulate other golfers swings.
  6. Talart's Avatar
    Great to see you back into the quest mate. Slow and steady will get you over the line in the end. Once again golf is a great excuse to buy more stuff too. The build up of stamina/strength is important and that takes time as well so enjoy the time getting to the goal.
  7. Talart's Avatar
    Well done god round and another step closer to breaking 80.
  8. PeteyD's Avatar
    Damn Wanker.
  9. timah!'s Avatar
    Pete! Get your Tin Foil hat out! The VCU in Quantico knows about you!
  10. wuyi's Avatar
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  11. PeteyD's Avatar
    Saturday round - 33 pts stab, bit uggarly in patches, nothing too exciting. Lost the stats cos the new app on the phone doesn't keep em.

    Today - 40 Points scrambled well.

    1 -Bogey - Drive RHS, 7 W short right, Wedge on that rolled through (greens were a fair bit faster thanks to the breeze drying them out). Putter on to 1'.
    2 - Bogey - Hooked drive in the trees. Punch out. Hybrid pushed to RHS. Wedge over bunker to 3'. Putt.
    3 - Bogey - Drive to Fwy. Misshit 7 wood to about 135. Push to Right of green. Wedge on. 2 Putt.
    4 - Par - Hooked hybrid into trees. Punch 8 iron on to about 15', directly below hole. Putt straight in.
    5 - Double - Drive to Fwy. Iron just short. Putter on too hard as the grass off the green took nothing off the ball. 1st putt too short, miss 2nd. Bugga.
    6 - Bogey - Pot left, Out to 10', 2 putt.
    7 - Par - Drive Rght side. Punch Iron over creek to 60m. Wedge to 4'. Putt.
    8 - Bogey - Drive Left in the trees. Punch out to fairway. Wedge to 10'. 2 Putt.
    9 - Double - Best drive in ages. Snap hook 7 W dead against tree. Punch out. Hybrid up fairway. Wedge on. 2 Putt.
    10 - Bogey - Snap hook off tee. Punch out of trees. 7W just over bunker left. Wedge to 3'. Putt.
    11 - Par - Drive LHS (lots left today!) into trees, near the 150 marker. Hybris on to front. 2 Putt par (just missed the birdie slider).
    12 - Par - Hook onto 11. Punch 5iron on. 2 Putt.
    13 - Double - Hook. Wedge on. 2 Putt.
    14 - Bogey - Drive into 2nd bunker RHS. Out. Iron to 80 out. Wedge on. 2 Putt.
    15 - Bogey - Drive into wind too short for corner. Punch up. Wedge to front. 2 putt.
    16 - Birdie - Punch 5Iron into wind and on. 10' Putt rolls in.
    17 - bogey - Hooked drive. 7W to just short of bunker. Wedge on 2 putt.
    18 - Bogey - Driver LHS in trees. Mishit hybrid all the way over onto 2nd fairway - good soldier golf. 7 Wood just short of bunker. Wedge just over. Putter on, putt.

    87 off the stick. 30 putts. Had issues going left all day. The hip was playing up a bit. Scrambled quite nicely. With the course a bit dryer I was a lot more confident. Punching irons worked really well (going 2 or 3 irons up and 9-3 swing). One of those days where the mishits worked, expect for once on 9. Next round might be Friday ion the Black Marker depending on if I can get the van fixed without missing work. Otherwise Masters down the Tweed on Sunday. Should be a good one.
  12. PeteyD's Avatar
    Headed up to Reddy Bay with Daves this arvo and we played a relatively quick 18 (3.5 hours). Sorted out what driver combo I like at the moment (9.5 FT-iQ with i-Rod stiffy). Looking forward to tomorrow.
  13. PeteyD's Avatar
    The shoulder has come back, just some minor muscular pain.

    Cocky Swing - yes, that was the second shot in each case! Confidence is hard to maintain sometimes.

    Did some work this evening at the range with Daves, Lucastro and timah! Bit of adjustment to the line of the shoulders and some work with the 'running stance' marty stuff seems to have reaped some rewards. Weather pending, I have 2 or 3 rounds this weekend. Easter Cup at Redland Bay. Looking forward to it!
  14. AndyP's Avatar
    Reads like a real slog, Petey.
    With those conservative fairway woods you stuffed up off the tee, perahps Dr Bob's advice would help: "Conservative strategy, confident swing."
  15. Talart's Avatar
    With an 8 on the 2nd hole you r 99 is not that bad of a score. Ugly sure yet you can still be satisfied coming back and carrying the shoulder does take some focus out of being able to play as you can. It has taken me a month to get my game back on track after various shoulder and back injuries in golf seasons.
  16. Ferrins's Avatar
    "If the ball is higher than your feet, simply shorten your grip on the shaft. Balance is your main problem with this shot, so take your stance slightly further from the ball than usual and keep your weight on the balls of your feet. If you do this you will not fall away from the shot as you swing. On the occasions when you are confronted with these various lies, think only of the variations you must make to meet the altered conditions. These are the position of the feet, where to grip the club, and what club to use. But never alter the rhythm or timing of your swing." Sam Snead on Golf 1961
  17. PeteyD's Avatar
    Score was ugly - 99. But looking back on it there were some positives to take out of the day.

    First the ugarly: I had an 8 on a par 3, not pretty, particluarly on the 2nd hole. Mainly due to a knifed wedge into a hazard. On 2 holes, I took the fairway wood for safety and proceeded to hit the ball OOB or Unplayable. Both ended as triples (bogey with the second tee shot). The greens were hard to putt on, the ball would stop fairly quickly once it started to slow down. I left quite a few putts just short that looked as if they would make it.

    round Breakdown:
    1 - Bogey. Drive up left side, not too bad considering it was in front of the peanut gallery. Mishit 7 iron short of the green, chip on and 2 putt bogey.
    2 - Quin. Badly hooked tee shot trying to hit a hybrid softly. Knifed wedge into hazard. Next shot over hazard, short of green and lucky it didn't roll back in. Poor chip, finally on and 2 putt. Need to have head in a better place before playing the next shot after a crap one.
    3 - Bogey. Tee shot wet. @nd out off thick grass to 130m, on and 2 putts.
    4- Triple - Heeled 4W into the protective fence on the left, it shot under and ended up almost against the boundary fence. Took unplayable and reteed, nicely up the right side. Pushed iron shot and the mounds puched it right of the green. Pitch over bunker slightly strong, putt on tap in.
    5- Bogey. Pushed tee shot into trees. punched hybrid out. Iron short, wedge to a couple of feet 1 putt.
    6 - Bogey. tee shot left, bounced off tree and short of green. Wedge on, 2 putt.
    7 - Bogey. Hybrid to fairway. 4W to right rough, lie with the ball well above my feet. Hooked iron across fairway to edge of hazard. (I need to find somewhere to practice shots with the ball well above my feet). Had to drop as it was unplayable. Punch just through the green, putter from off goes straight in.
    8 - Double. Hit a great drive to right side, exactly as I wanted. Hit a poor 7 iron (again) short left. Wedge mishit into bunker, nasty lie. On and 2 putt.
    9 - Double. Drive RHS. Fat 4W dribbled up the fairway. Hybrid to center about 80 m short. Mishit wedge (on an uphill slope, wedge digs in hard and contact poor. I did this a couple of times, need to practice this as well). Chip on and 2 putt.
    10 - Par (finally!) pushed drive over trees onto 13th fairway. Hybrid low into trees. Best shot of day, 6 iron out of rough, between trees and over bunker to about 15'. Putt stops just short. tap in par.
    11- Triple. Take 4W for safety into someones pool off a tree way right. 4W off tee to middle of fairway (why is second shot always such a nice one?). Wedge short again. Chip on and 2 putt.
    12 - Bogey. Hybrid to front. 3 putts to back.
    13 - Bogey. Pulled drive onto 10th fairway, since I missed it last time. 8 iron over trees back to fairway. Another wedge digs in and drops short, and I hurt my left upper arm (it is killing me today). chip on 1 putt.
    14 - Bogey. Sore shoulder seems to make me push drive (from now on) trees right. Punch out, PW on 2 putt.
    15 - double. Push drive. Another lie well above my feet, another hook into a hazard. Wedge on 2 putt.
    16 - double. snap hooked tee shot hits tree and bounces back on line. Wedge short, wedge over, putter on, putt.
    17 - Par (Yah!) Drive pushed into trees right. Punch out. Iron to heart of green. Dropped my only long putt to go in for par.
    18 - Bogey. 4W to front, 3 putt bogey as I sneaked up on the hole.

    Ugly round, was hard to get the concetration back after the 2nd, in the rain. Hopefull the shoulder will be better by next weekend and I can do alright at the Redland Bay Easter Cup.

    anyone have advice for hitting of a steep slope with the ball above your feet?
  18. Talart's Avatar
    Best of luck on Saturday.
  19. Marto65's Avatar
    The Favourite !!
  20. PeteyD's Avatar
    Hit a LOFT issue on the weekend. 2 rounds over the ton. Slight head cold seems to have contributed leading to poor putting.

    Hopefully I can get away from work a bit early today and get up the club for some practice.
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