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  1. Return to Golf

    1 Week ago the left hip underwent a full replacement. Glue free titanium stem, and ceramic ball and cup installed. Operation was very successful, looking forward to having some movement in the hip.

    I will be learning to play again, as everything will change. I have started reading the golf books again, even though I can't yet walk properly and it is likely to be 9 or 10 weeks until I can swing a club. I have started by reading ' A Good Walk Spoiled'. Now onto Dr Bob and Elkingtons ...
  2. Return to the Quest to Break 80

    I am finally feeling like I am hitting the ball well enough to think I can return to my quest. I should be making the practice range once a fortnight and the course a couple of evenings a week for a while now.

    Some new thoughts, and actually studying other peoples swings instead of looking at them (weird concept I know) is starting to show some good signs. Going back through Gerry Hogans book, and trying to implement only what he says in there, with a bit of common sense from Harvey ...
  3. Quest to Break 80 - Rejigged

    For those of you that don't know I have undergone Hip Replacement surgery which has put a rather large dent in my Quest to Break 80 blog. However I am now getting back into it slowly.

    7 Weeks post surgery today. My muscles around the leg are still recovering from the extra work they did at the champs last weekend, but are coming along nicely. Most likely I will get to the range early next week, and maybe the course Late on Sunday for a couple of holes.

    My walking is ...
  4. Quest to Break 80 - May Monthly Medal.

    No time to practice since the last round, so went out this morning with no expectations. Played surprising well considering.

    Shotgun start off the 9th, prefered lies due to some parts of the course still being soggy.

    9 - Bogey - Drive left, over hazard into a gutter next to the sand bunker. 4W Low up the 10th to about 140m out. Punch draw 6 iron under trees and onto green. Pretty happy with this shot. Practice green was fast, 9th green not so fast, and I leave ...
  5. Quest to break 80 - Easter Cup

    Unfortunately I am not playing in the Toowoomba or Headland easter comps this year, due to a birthday and the Reds Waratahs game. Redland Bay has an Easter Cup, where they have the best 2 of 3 stab rounds on Sat/Sun/Mon. I am hoping to play 2 rounds at least. Should be good.

    Taking the stuff I did at the range on Tuesday with the OG crew, I headed up the course this afternoon for a couple of holes. I pulled the i-Rod shaft out and stuck it into an i-Mix connecter and tried it ...
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