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  1. Andy told me to start a WITB blog.

    I've got no idea what a blog is (as opposed to the regular thread in the OzGolf forum). But I'll soon find out
    1w - Cobra 400SZ - 9* (Aldila VS-Proto 70 R)
    3w - TaylorMade V Steel (MAS2 72 R)
    5w - TaylorMade V Steel (MAS2 72 R)
    4h - Cobra Baffler DWS - 23* (Aldila NV-HL 65 R)

    5i-PW - Cobra S9 (Nippon NSPro 900XH S)
    48/8 - Cleveland CG15 (TR-Action W)
    54/DSG - Cleveland CG15 (TR-Action W)
    60/8 - Cleveland CG14 (TR-Action W)
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