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2nd October 2016, 06:48 PM
Same drill - we're looking for the best Stableford score for the month, and the worst.
First to post their score on the site leads any count backs.
(No DSR adjustments).

Prize is an OzGolf shout - the NAGA has to buy the Monthly Mug winner a beverage/pie/kitchener bun/pork roll/premium ball/coffee or some other agreed prize if they meet at an OzGolf event within a year.

Just a bit of fun really.

Clubhouse Leaders for October

"Hit Them Well" Monthly Mug:
Squidboy 43pts
Squidboy 41pts
Solarman 41pts
Wools 39pts
KristianJ 39pts
Monsta 39pts
blurry 38pts
KristiaJ 38pts
blurry 38pts
highballin 37pts
Hatchman 37pts
highballin 37pts
dowdsy 37pts
Grumpy8 37pts
benno_r 37pts
Grumpy8 37pts
jasonb 37pts
jasonb 37pts

"Hit Them Often" Monthly Bob:
Bitter 19pts
Tomsy 20pts
Dotty 20pts
Captain Nemo 21pts
Hard_Pan 22pts
Monsta 22pts
Monsta 22pts
G.K 22pts
Peppas 23pts
shazza_rs 23pts

2nd October 2016, 07:08 PM
Got just enough rounds to start with October's Leader Boards.

6th October 2016, 09:23 PM
Quick up date with all the midweek players scores in.

The top 5 sees a few changes. 3puttpete and davidw88 31pts drop out.
Hard_Pan leading the bottom 5 with 22pts away from home felt more comfortable back on home soil making it into the top 5 with 35pts. Cartain Nemo continues the good form at the new club posting a 35pts also and new has entires in the top 2 spots (how long does a honeymoon last).
Courty also posts his second entry in the top 5 upping the previous 33pts with a 34pt round. Jimandr's S.A Champs tractor is not firing on all cylinders atm making it into the top 5 also with 34pts.
Highballin not satisfied with the recent domination of the bottom 5 decided to make a run at the top 5 making the first of a possibly many entries with 33pts.

Dotty's 28pts gets bumped from the worst 5 with highballin slipping into the bottom 5 again with 27pts. Last months domination wasn't enough so he's at it again although I don't expect that to stay there long.

9th October 2016, 07:28 PM
Quick update after the bulk of the weekend rounds have been posted.

It must be tough going around the country as no one has posted a score in the 40's for the month after 2 weekends of play.
The Top 5 sees a few changes and a new club house leader with Highballin getting out of the 20's again with 37pts.
Benno_r posts his second 36pt round. Courty get his 3rd entry in the top 5 with another 33pt round. Chappy1970 also joins the tied in 5th with 33pts.
Mrbluus twin 32's are now in the participation certificate group not on either Leader Board after highballins 37pts.

Only one entry in the bottom 5. There were questions being asked as to how many of the 3 S.A Ozgolfers that were venturing down to The Dunes Port Hughes would make it into the bottom 5 listing or take the lead from Hard_Pan? Wazamac ended up being the only one to make it into the bottom 5 to be tied at 4th with 26pts.

9th October 2016, 08:16 PM
Hatchy, do you want the golflink stableford score or the stableford equivalent of the nett score to par?

i.e. Par 72, nett 82 (10 over) equates to 26 points however golflink might show 30.

10th October 2016, 11:22 AM
Hatchy, do you want the golflink stableford score or the stableford equivalent of the nett score to par?

i.e. Par 72, nett 82 (10 over) equates to 26 points however golflink might show 30.

Golflink one thanks.

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10th October 2016, 11:40 AM
Golflink one thanks.

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Sweet. Nothing to report.

13th October 2016, 06:20 AM
I forgot I had 35 points last Wednesday.

Bookended it with a 24 points yesterday.

13th October 2016, 08:28 AM
23pts yesterday for me thanks

Captain Nemo
13th October 2016, 09:16 AM
I got kicked in the nuts yesterday. 21 ptsPossibly the worst score I've had in years. I've got the flu, shouldn't have played but no excuse. I actually gave up after 9, something I rarely do and I actually feel embarrassed in my performance and actions.

13th October 2016, 07:15 PM
25 points yesterday at Victoria Golf club off the tips in wind and rain (31 points won the days!!). It felt like there were about 5 400m par 4's directly into a gale. I hit good drives on each and still had 3 or 4 irons in.

39 points today at sunny Peninsula with an eagle, happy days.

13th October 2016, 07:50 PM
I got kicked in the nuts yesterday. 21 ptsPossibly the worst score I've had in years. I've got the flu, shouldn't have played but no excuse. I actually gave up after 9, something I rarely do and I actually feel embarrassed in my performance and actions.so did u do a "Nichead"

Captain Nemo
13th October 2016, 07:59 PM
Looks like it, but i didn't swear or abuse playing partners or the media!

13th October 2016, 09:15 PM
And cause there was no gallery, you didn't tell them you don't care about them, phew, you did well then Loz :)

14th October 2016, 11:47 AM
Quick update before the week end rounds to give everyone new targets to shoot for.

Lots of movement in both the "Hit Them Well" and the "Hit Them Often" Leader Boards with new leaders emerging in both.

Squidboy now takes the lead for the Monthly Mug with an equal best career round amassing a whooping 43pts. Well done
Wools slides into both leader boards with 39pts to be stand alone 2nd spot for the Monthly Mug and tied 5th for the NAGA.
Dotty also did the same sliding into tied 5th in the Mug and tied 4th in the NAGA.
All the 34's and 33's have now been bumped out and are with the masses in participation certificate territory.

Captain Nemo becomes the new leader for the NAGA with 21pts after playing with a bout of man fluu and doing a Nichead somewhere in the middle of the round.
Peppas takes stand alone 3rd spot with 23pts. Most likely there was no lunch on the line and/or this was was a hustle round setting someone up to take their lunch money at a future date.
Dotty and Wools's both come into the NAGA along with their Mug entries to be tied in 4th and 5th places.
All the 26's and 27s get bumped to the participation certificate territory also.

There are no multiple entries and domination of the NAGA.
Captain Nemo has 3 entries, leading the NAGA and 2 in the Mug.
The ever steady benno_r remains in the top Leader Board with 2 entries.
Hard_Pan has 2 entries, relinquishing the lead in the NAGA and hangs onto a spot in the Mug.
Dotty and Wools have entries in the Mug & NAGA.

16th October 2016, 06:00 PM
See my post in what did you shoot October? New leader

17th October 2016, 10:52 PM
Time for another update after the weekends rounds.

7 new entries across both leader boards and a new leader for the Hit Them Often NAGA.
Captain Nemo is now the only player with entries in both the top and bottom 5.
KristtianJ is most likely firmly entrenched in the top 5 for the month with duel entries of 39 & 38pts. Can he continue that good form and add more?
Benno_r hangs on grimly to 5th spot in the top 5 with duel 36pt rounds.

KristianJ made it twice into the top Leader Board with good rounds of 39 and 38pts.
Monsta a NAGA specialist decided to try something different and joined the top 5 with a fine 39pts.
Hatchman's SA Champs tractor got a flat tyre in the 1st round of Club Champs and some how scrambled a 37pt round.
All the 35pt rounds drop out of the top 5 with the months first 38pt round.

Bitter takes the lead in the NAGA with 19pts.
Tomsy got hustled for lunch again by Peppas and limped in with a bent putter for 20pts
Shazza_rs carded a 23pt round in the golf marathon.
All the 24 & 25pt rounds drop out of the bottom 5 with new entries at positions 1 & 2.

24th October 2016, 10:25 AM
Up date after the weekends rounds.

No big or small numbers posted since the last update to take the leaders spots in in either list.

The top 5 sees new inclusions in ties 4th with dowdsy and Grump8 posting 37pt rounds.
Highballin had two more entries with 37 and 36pts to now have 3 entries in the top 5.
Benno_r also added another 37pts to go with the duel 36's all ready in the top 5.

The only addition in the bottom 5 was Monsta the NAGA specialist posting a pair of 22pt rounds.

1st November 2016, 08:10 AM
I'll finalize this Wednesday night as I don't think I'll get the time tonight.

1st November 2016, 04:31 PM
20 points on 31/10.

Oh dear. What a pity. It was a boys weekend away and not recorded in GolfLink.

1st November 2016, 05:13 PM
8/10== 38
15/10== 35
22/10== 35
29/10== 38

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2nd November 2016, 09:11 PM
October has been finalised.

Squidboy took the honours for the Monthly Mug with a PB ever round off the bat with 43pts. Well done.
Backed it up a couple of weeks later to take second spot on the table as well with 41pts. By by to all those shots on the hcp Squidboy.
Solarman the forever OzGolf NAGA made a late challenge but fell just short with a fine 41pts to tie in second.
Blurry carded a pair of 38pt rounds to book end the 35pt rounds to take out his clubs A reserve Club Championship. Great rounds and well done mate.
Grumpy8 the golfing machine carded a pair of 37pt rounds for the month to tie in 5th place.
Jasonb may have peaked to early for S.A Champs witha pair of 37pt rounds for the month.
All those on 36pts including 3 rounds by the ever steady benno_r were bumped by the 41pt rounds in the last week of the month.
Looking at the top 5 there's a few OzGolfers in some good form with multiple entries.

Bitter took out the NAGA with 19pts
Dotty made a late charge on the last day of the month but fell 1 short with 20pts to tie 2nd
G.K was the only other new entry to tie 4th with 22pts.
Monsta was the only multiple entry in the bottom 5 with a pair of 22's.

Questionnaires coming soon for both the winners.