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21st June 2016, 07:13 PM
2016 OzGolf Monthly Mug & NAGA Hall of Fame

Monthly Mug

Simmsy 44pts
Hard_Pan 18pts

Charger 44pts
Simmsy 16pts

Slug 45pts
Monsta 18pts

AlexMc 48pts
Simmsy 19pts

Yossarian 42pts
Captain Spud 21pts

Jarro 41pts
Noren 20pts

G.K 41pts
Deester 12pts

Collis 43pts
Tomsy 16pts

spanner039 42pts
Monsta 21pts

Squidboy 43pts
Bitter 19pts

shazza_rs 43pts
Dotty 12pts


I'll use this thread for announcing the monthly winners and posting the questionnaires that I'll send out via PM.
I've taken the one LL used back in Jan and trimmed it up a bit for the winners. The NAGA I've made real short.

21st June 2016, 07:18 PM
Username: Simmsy

Home club: Melville Glades Golf Club, otherwise known as Melvilleasy Golf Club by some WAnkers

How often do you play? 2-3 comps a month, but will get out to the course for a couple of holes or chip around twice a week usually.

Current handicap: 8.4

Lowest ever handicap: 7.4

Dream handicap: 5.0

How long have you played golf? Sort of played in two different lives really. Played from 12-18 then work took over my life as a young fella then only mucked around very rarely from 18-35. From 35-42 i've been back into golf as much as i can be. spewing i gave golf away in my 20's as probably would have easily got to <5.

How did you catch the golfing bug? My Dad introduced me to golf, i use to follow him around at MGGC then competing with my brother trying to beat each other with a few dollars on the line

What's currently in your bag? D: Ping G30-10* SFTec/Tour 65Stiff - Also occassionally play a Ping rapture with BB.
H: 3&4 Mizuno FliHi DIR with Nippon NSPro 950Stiff
I: Yamaha 5-P Inpres X Tour Players Cav with Nippon NSPro 950Stiff
W: Been playing Cally V Series Wedge 52/56/60 for a while but just as of this week will be trialling Cally MD2 52/58 for a while
P: Odyssey Metal X #9 with SuperStroke Flatso 1.0 - Love this putter

What golf ball do you use? Week in week out - Cally Hex Chrome - bought up big when they were cheap such a good ball for everyday members tracks. Will use Titleist ProV1x when i know the greens will be tough to hold.

Dream golf purchase: Not too sure really, i quite like my bag set atm but if it was a Dream golf purchase it would probably be no expense spared driver fitting with any brand head and shaft combo that is available in the world.

Favourite golf course played? Really tough one, i will like different courses for different reasons. I'm still on a high from Heritage tbh! i loved that course, so many good things about it. Then there is the obvious types like RMW and Metro which i loved. but i really like our courses in the south west of WA, greens are excellent, like sandbelt excellent when they get them right, usually simple courses but i play golf for the serenity most of the time and to be in a place like Capel GC or Margaret River GC is pretty special. i haven't travelled much for golf unfortunately.

Dream golf destination or trip? If you were to give me $50k to go and play where i want for a month it would be Ireland, Scotland & England without a doubt.

If you could pick three others, dead or alive, to play a round with, who would they be? My Dad, My Brother and David Feherty. oh! and could we have Miranda Kerr as our QuenchWench?

If you could pick three OZgolfers to play a round with, who would they be? Jack(is he still an ozgolfer?), Lefty and WBenno

Favourite golf memory? HIO as a 12 yo playing with my Dad in the Father/Son opening day at MGGC

Have you ever had a hole in one? If yes talk us through it. As above - 135m with water on the left hit 3i (jack nicklaus blades) bladed it just about the whole way along the ground in she rolls.

Have you ever had a “Solarman moment”? If yes, talk us through it: What exactly is a Solarman moment? i've heard of many Solarman moments. But my most recent one when i did actually think of Bob during the round was at MGGC only December past, i had 17 points and i WAS trying, starting with hitting hyb right on the first then playing my 3rd from further back than my 2nd and my 4th further back from my 3rd! i picked up and tried to reset. Some prick picked up my ball on the 2nd hole after i put it on the wrong fwy, the day got worse from there.

Favourite current Tour player: Probably Luke Donald, in his pump his short game was brilliant, love watching him hit irons, that finish is classic.

Favourite golfer past or present? Why? I'd say GNormal just from the impact he had on every kid in the 80's that had any sort of passing interest in golf. When flying he was electric. just gut wrenching some of his losses, that LMize chip i can still visualize it as if i saw it this morning.

Lastly, talk us through your Monthly Mug winning round: Well, just as i was trying in my Solarman moment, i was anything but trying in this round(maybe there is something in that hey?
I wanted to do a bit of sandbagging prior to Vic Champs as i thought i would just bunt it around without any effort and drop off a flag of about 8, well after a bog on 1 i went p,p,p,b,p and started to look at the score and thought shit! now i have to see what i can shoot, finished the 9 with par 36 and should have had 34. started our back 9 with par, about a 12' par save then went 3jack bog and thought here we go it's all over now. held on for p on next then soft bog on the next. had par on the p3 and thought ok lets see if we can hang on here for a score, then had par that should have been bird. So with 3 to go was feeling a little tight the 16 hole was into strong seabreeze, piped drive but still had 150 in, pulled approach left into a bad spot and didnt get u&d, just hitting edge for par. 17th hole, 510m down wind, smoked drive and to my pleasure left me with 178m in for my 2nd, i never reach p5's in 2! so pull out the 4h and hit the perfect baby draw and it rolls up to 3' - very nervously somehow sunk the EAGLE putt. Well my nerves were shot after that for our final hole a 170m tough p3 bogeyed the last to shoot the 74otb, spewing i had 2 really soft bogeys on the back 9 but then hey, maybe i don't get that eagle if i was square to card at that point.

21st June 2016, 07:19 PM
Reserved for Feb winner

21st June 2016, 07:20 PM
Reserved for march

21st June 2016, 07:21 PM
reserved for april

21st June 2016, 07:22 PM
Congratulations to May's Monthly Mug Winner
Yossarian 42pts.

Username: Yossarian

Home club: Le Royale Fremantle

How often do you play? Comp maybe once a week. Throw in a few social hits now and then.

Current handicap: 12.4

Lowest ever handicap: 9.3

Dream handicap: 18

How long have you played golf? About 9 years.

How did you catch the golfing bug? Cricket pre-season camp. Flushed a five iron to tap in on a par 3. Made par, story of my life.

Favourite golf course played? Royal Melbourne

If you could pick three others, dead or alive, to play a round with, who would they be? Hunter S Thompson, Octavian, Napoleon.

If you could pick three OZgolfers to play a round with, who would they be? Jimandr, dave1 and zigwah.

Favourite golf moment/memory? Any of the champs weekends, always a blast. My highlight is probably the duck that kicked tourfits ball into the water on the 18th at Dunsborough Lakes.

Worst/least favourite golf moment/memory? My round at the Cut in late 2015. It was also hilarious.

Favourite current Tour player: Stenson. Love Day’s swing but I think he is a knobsock.

Favourite golfer past or present? N/A

Lastly, talk us through your Monthly Mug winning round?
After two days of chopping it at WA Champs I arrived at Lake Karrinyup as an honest 15 capper, just battling to get by in a dog eat dog world. Why did I suck so much, was it my choice of golf ball? Maybe a project a would be a better choice for me. At least my car was clean.

After pressing the gate buzzer for about 15 minutes and receiving no answer, I put an emergency call into Simmsy as I knew he would have been at the course since 0500 and would be able to get me in.

Finally arriving at the club I heard a whisper there was some kind of ‘all week comp’ that we could potentially enter. Intrigued I made my way to the pro shop and was soon handing over a $5 comp fee.

A few quick swings on the range, some chipping and a few putts on a very moist practise green and we were good to go. I didn’t let watching guys like Simmsy, GK, ID, Lefty, Shadsey or Adlo tee off phase me. I knew what I had to do. I stepped up and thinned the shit out of my 3 hybrid which was the perfect shot. 100m in to the green and I had a decent look at birdie which just slid by. What followed was a ****ing golfing clinic that must have been a pleasure to watch. Who doesn’t love seeing a 15 capper going round in near on level par.

Adding up my score on 13 I realised my cap was in some serious danger, rain (you need to sandbag in case of flash flooding) conveniently started falling on the 15th which gave me an excuse to duff a couple of wedges and make a soft bogey. The dampness led to what can only be described as a driver shank on the 16th tee, which also led to the only wipe for the day.

A par, bogey finish ensured not too many questions were asked about my performance on 15 and 16. We finished off with a meal in the hallowed halls of LK, saw Jeff Newman summon the help to pick up an apple core that some prole had discarded in plain sight and generally mocked the wealthy.

All in all a cracking day for me, with great company all round.

Your monthly mug hero,
Yoss xox

and the coveted last place NAGA goes to
Captain Spud 21pts

21st June 2016, 08:26 PM
Can we combine all of Simmsy's questionaire responses into one post? ;)

21st June 2016, 10:07 PM
Good one. I've got a couple to add when my current crazy work period finally clears up, bear with me. :)

21st June 2016, 10:38 PM
What months LL so I don't go sending another set of questions.
Do you have mod powers to dump them in the post spots I've allocated for them?

22nd June 2016, 10:47 AM
Can we combine all of Simmsy's questionaire responses into one post? ;)


22nd June 2016, 01:36 PM
Yoss's winning questionnaire now for viewing ^.

22nd June 2016, 01:39 PM
Reserved for Jan Winner

Reserved for Feb winner
Are Jan Winner and Feb Winner related??

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22nd June 2016, 01:40 PM
Are Jan Winner and Feb Winner related??

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Lets keep the focus on me please. Those guys have had their time in the sun.

22nd June 2016, 01:42 PM
Lets keep the focus on me please. Those guys have had their time in the sun.
I don't even know who they are, are they new members??

22nd June 2016, 01:44 PM
Are Jan Winner and Feb Winner related??Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk Only by marriage.

22nd June 2016, 01:59 PM

7th July 2016, 08:46 PM
Congratulations to Junes's Monthly Mug Winner

Jarro 41pts

Username: Jarro

Home club: Nudgee G.C.

How often do you play: Around twice a month if i'm lucky

Current handicap: 9

Lowest ever handicap: 9

Dream handicap: 18

How long have you played golf: Around 25 years

How did you catch the golfing bug: working with Perci would make anybody want to try this frustrating game !

Favourite golf course played: Probably Newcastle ... really liked that layout.

If you could pick three others, dead or alive, to play a round with, who would they be: Greg Norman, Alex Lifeson, Bill Clinton

If you could pick three OZgolfers to play a round with, who would they be: Yoss, The Admiral, Jack.

Favourite golf moment/memory: Probably the first OzGolf Champs ..... great to put faces to the names.

Worst/least favourite golf moment/memory: Nudgee Midweek Champs a few years ago. I was leading after round one, and sitting nicely after 10 holes in round two, when on the 11th hole (par 3) i put my tee shot into the hazard way right of the green and ended up taking double bogey. I'm pretty certain i double-bogeyed my way back to the clubhouse to finish well and truly out of contention.

Favourite current Tour player: Jason Day

Favourite golfer past or present: Greg Norman

Lastly, talk us through your Monthly Mug winning round:
Just another midweek stab round as far as i was concerned, no real expectations of playing well or anything, just wanted to have a fun round. We were a threesome and the pace of play was great, no holdups which was handy.
Finished the front nine even with the card, 2 birdies, 2 bogies and was even with the card standing on the 15th tee .... where i made the mistake of starting to think i could have a really.good round if i parred my way home.
Pulled my tee shot left over the creek and had no shot through the trees, so tried the miracle shot and put that one in the water .... hacked the next up close and ended up taking a quad, and my only wipe for the day !! Parred the next two and made a neat double up the last to complete the sad finish.

and the coveted last place NAGA goes to:

Noren 20pts

Username: noren

Home club: Cabramatta Golf Club

How often do you play: once a week

Current handicap: 8

Talk us through your NAGA round, what went wrong:
Recovering from a back injury and just playing sheethouse 

8th July 2016, 03:17 PM
The winners questionnaires are in for all to read.
Thanks heaps for getting them back quickly.

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8th July 2016, 04:18 PM
Nice work noren, talk us through the back injury?

8th July 2016, 06:36 PM
Nice work noren, talk us through the back injury?

Was it from carrying you in 4Balls?

8th July 2016, 06:39 PM
Was it from carrying you in 4Balls?

**** o Walk but same thing I guess

6th August 2016, 06:34 PM
Congratulations to July's Winners.
Your scores are now locked in the Hall of Fame

For the good golfers
G.K 41pts

and the good players out of luck
Deester 12pts

Questionnaires coming your way.

2nd November 2016, 09:13 PM
Hall of fame updated with October winners.