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19th February 2012, 02:10 PM
Match 1 has taken place today at The Vines, Jasonb 26h/c v Simsy, (Shaun) 20h/c, and we have our first winner.

As it is the home course for both players, neither went in with any particular advantage on that front, and the weather also decided to play nice and not do anything stupid.

Here's a brief summary of the match hole by hole:

Hole 1:- looked like Jason was going to be taking the early lead when Shaun managed to push his approach to the green well right, only for Jason to pull his approach shot big time into the dam near the 18th tee block! Shaun 1 up.

Hole 2:- this time Jason managed to push his approach to the green right, straight under a bush! Shaun played to par, Shaun 2-up.

Hole 3:- Jason putted better to get his par 3, now 2-1

Hole 4:- two bladed chips around the green did Jason no favours, esp when Shaun parred the hole, Shaun 3-1

Hole 5:- Jason had a bit of a shocker and conceded hole, Shaun 4-1

Hole 6:- Both parred the hole, but Jason's H/C got him the win, Shaun 4-2

Hole 7:- another par to Shaun, and another win, Shaun 5-2

Hole 8:- hole halved

Hole 9:- another half - so Shaun turned the corner 5-2 up.

Hole 10:- another par, another win, Shaun, 6-2

Hole 11:- both one over par, but Jason's H/C does him a favour again for the win, 6-3

Hole 12:- Jason holed a good putt to half the hole, still 6-3

Hole 13:- Jason missed a gimme putt to half the hole, giving another win to Shaun, 7-3

Hole 14:- dodgy putting from Jason gave Shaun the hole, and the match at 5 & 4.

So our first winner is Simsy who now goes on to the second round.

22nd February 2012, 05:48 PM
Good detailed write up Nadg, Looks like im gonna have my hands full with Shaun on his hometrack + giving him 8 shots. Should be fun tho

23rd February 2012, 10:24 PM
Good detailed write up Nadg, Looks like im gonna have my hands full with Shaun on his hometrack + giving him 8 shots. Should be fun tho

You never know with Shaun, depends on which game he brings out with him, (me too for that matter)!? tho he is starting to take a liking to and becoming more consistent with his R11's ..........

Don't worry, as Tim did for Chilled, with it being our home track I will still 'caddy' you around the place; well at least until you and Chris start winning! :)

As you say, should be a fun day. (only drawback I foresee is that our tee-off is after the regular Sunday Comp guys, unfortunately the Comp that day is 'Stroke' so they're going to be playing for sheep stations and taking all day about it ........................ :( cannot be helped)

23rd February 2012, 10:38 PM
You never know with Shaun, depends on which game he brings out with him, (me too for that matter)!? tho he is starting to take a liking to and becoming more consistent with his R11's ..........

And his Vokeys, he is playing them well

19th March 2012, 10:28 AM
Quick run down of the match on Saturday:

1: Terry found bunker off the tee to give Tony the upperhand, who then blew it by topping his pitch and over-cooking a chip. A better chip from the back for a tap in 5 was cancelled out when Terry sunk a nice 2 metre putt for a half.
All square

2: Terry had the upper hand after Tony hit a poor drive. A good bunker shot gave Tony a tap in bogey and Terry missed his par putt.
All square

3: The short par 4 was a disaster for Tony. Hitting iron off the tee for safety didn't work and Terry made an easy 5 to win the hole.
Terry 1 up.

4: Both players found bunkers off the tee and both made it to just short of the green for 2. Tony skun his chip to the back of the green but got up and down by sinking a 2 metre putt while Terry could only make bogey. Tony's fist hole where he got a stroke meant a win.
All square

5: Tony made a regulation par to win the hole.
Tony 1 up

6: Another good up and down from Tony from well behind the green. Tony was on in 4 and probably 3 metres away, Terry was there in 3 and a metre and a half from the hole. Tony sunk his and Terry missed for a half.
Tony 1 up

7: Both players made 2 putt bogeys.
Tony 1 up

8: Second hole where Tony got a shot. Poor drive and over cooked second saw him under a tree. Terry made an easy 5 to Tony's 7 to take the win.
All square

9: Both players were in greenside bunkers for 3. Terry didn't get out with his first shot while Tony did. Both players made their putts.
Tony 1 up

10: Terry played a regulation hole for a par, but Tony got up and down to halve the hole.
Tony 1 up

11: Terry played a cracking second from the bunker and both players were on for two. a three putt from Terry handed Tony the hole.
Tony 2 up

12: The third and final hole where Tony got a stroke. Terry found the green while Tony was just short. Both players had two putts which gave Tony the win.
Tony 3 up.

13: Finally a solid iron from Tony after both players had found the fairway resulted in a regulation par. Terry shanked his second and couldn't hole a long par putt.
Tony 4 up.

14: Tony had the opportunity to win the match but slid his par putt past the hole.
Tony 4 up.

15: A poor tee shot saw Tony hitting a provisional. He was lucky enough to find the first ball though and be in a reasonable position. Both players ended up in a similar position for 2. Terry put his pitch long while Tony got lucky with his chip to be just off the green. Terry couldn't hole his chip and Tony putted close to finish the match.
Tony wins 5 and 3

29th April 2012, 05:35 PM
Well we have our first finalist - and it's Shaun, (Simsy)

Playing against Funky Cliff, (Tony), today at The Vines he managed to win on the last hole, sound familiar Flavzz ........... !?

Was actually a very good match, Shaun got off to a 2 hole lead, only for Tony to peg him back for the front nine to finish all square.

On the back nine, Shaun was sitting dormie at 4 & 4 when Tony decided to mount a comeback, getting it to 1 & 1. On the final hole Shaun had putted out for a 5, Tony had a putt for a 4 to win the hole and draw the match, he hit a good putt, it caught the edge of the cup, and lipped out! And that was that, congratulations to Shaun who has had to win 3 matches to reach the final.

So waiting on Chris32 and Chilled to play off now to see who he'll be up against in the final!

On the final, how about playing it at say Mt Compass and booking a couple of groups for us all to have a get-together and drink a toast to what has been a good competition!? Thoughts ............. ????

29th April 2012, 09:54 PM
Sounds like a good match, well done guys. I had a knock at Sandy Creek today with a couple of mates.

I've thought about the final.....was thinking a trip out to Royal might be good if Tim could graciously get us on. But I'm happy with Fleurieu, it's probably my favourite course tbh, played it last Wednesday with some good results. But if I make the final I'm happy for it to anywhere really, except Thaxted :p

29th April 2012, 10:06 PM
Mt Compass sounds fine to me. It's in great nick at the mo ...greens could be quicker but.

30th April 2012, 09:43 AM
Congratulations Simsy. On the back it was really a case of who wanted to lose it more rather than who would win it with each of us recording a solid 9 stableford points. Shaun probably won it with his recovery golf, especially the up and down on the 7th that I had pencilled in for a win.

I'm a member at Fleurieu so let me know if that's what we want to do and i'll sort out some times.