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  1. Forum Rankings - (admin: Ranking updated)
  2. What new forum should be added.
  3. Suggestion Box Details - please read before posting!!
  4. A trades or services forum.
  5. RANT
  6. New Chatroom
  7. Quick Reply Function - (admin: Done)
  8. Rant Mk 2
  9. How's the swing? - (admin: Topic Added)
  10. New folder - Course notes / Course review
  11. 1st tee photo thread
  12. Spring Cleaning in Summer - (admin: Done)
  13. Honor boards
  14. Resolved Avatars
  15. Mug Shot page
  16. Forum look change ??
  17. Forum falls over at midnight. - (admin: Closed)
  18. Phone Numbers - (admin: Contact Usergroup & Topic Added)
  19. Course link
  20. New user level of detail entered
  21. Pro Shop Forum - (admin: Rules added)
  22. Popularity Mod.
  23. Post Count
  24. Contact Details
  25. Count Down Timer
  26. Record Breaker
  27. New/Unread Topics (admin: Done)
  28. The *temporary* Ozgolf Champs Forum
  29. Login problem.
  30. Place JUST for pics
  31. Time Stamps
  32. Matchplay threads
  33. How are you viewing the threads?
  34. Delete our own posts.
  35. Ten characters per post minimum
  36. Chatroom
  37. Pro Shop rating
  38. Fix Your Flikr Accounts!
  39. Contact pages
  40. Display Tables
  41. Item dumping again
  42. Blank email
  43. Time for jarro to hang up the boots?
  44. Online help for members with there swings
  45. SideBarring Up
  46. Remove the 'target' from the chatroom link...
  47. Private Messages
  48. Private Forums
  49. increase prominence of Ozgolf.net in google search results
  50. OzGolf (State) Stroke Champs method
  51. Who's Online View
  52. Post Spell Check
  53. Course Guides for Download
  54. No more apples...
  55. Improvement New Motto?
  56. Page timing out
  57. Time + 1hr?
  58. Member status.
  59. 1st Tee Etiquette
  60. WITB Threads
  61. Ignore Thread Option?
  62. Pro-shop thread Locking
  63. Golf Comic Strip
  64. Increase Search engine hits on Ozgolf
  65. Members list broke
  66. Internal Server Errors
  67. Pro Shop - archive sold threads
  68. OzGolf Cards
  69. Paypal page
  70. How do I put a hyperlink in my sig?
  71. Marketing opportunity re: Facebook
  72. handicaps
  73. Feedback forum
  74. Pro Shop Threads
  75. digiscrapart.com
  76. Suggesion
  77. Odd thing in the "Now playing on YouTube" Thread
  78. Visitor Central?
  79. OZgolf.net - History Tab: The past and present, whose who in the Zoo etc
  80. www.ozgolf.net - doesn't work
  81. Are we a lot slower than we use to be ?
  82. New Improved Ozgolf
  83. Minor suggestion for the classifieds...
  84. Posting Web Links
  85. Advertising
  86. Low band width portal
  87. Who's in chat?
  88. Is the threadjacking going too far?
  89. Proshop or Cash Converters
  90. Pro Shop Post Limit
  91. A thankyou
  92. Posts time
  93. How do I change my screen name?
  94. A sub forum for each state and territory
  95. Resolved WTF? Is everyone's background colour an ugly green - Just me...No need to read!
  96. Resolved Opera Browser
  97. Resolved How do I change my user name?
  98. Resolved Attachments Update
  99. Resolved How do you quote a single post?
  100. Resolved All sorted! Thanks Admin/Mods
  101. Resolved abuse and baiting.
  102. Resolved Virus Spam PM.
  103. Resolved Rules of Golf
  104. Resolved Can't bookmark "New Posts" button
  105. Resolved How do I........
  106. Resolved putter forum
  107. Resolved Unclechopchop
  108. Resolved cant start new thread
  109. Issue Issue with apache and "dots" in new URL structure
  110. Resolved forums
  111. Resolved Can we split the For Sale threads and the Wanted threads
  112. Resolved 1st Tee threads
  113. Resolved Birthday Threads
  114. Resolved Forum Statistics
  115. Improvement PM Box Status Display
  116. Closed Reducing the character limit on search strings
  117. Feature Request Visitor Message Notification
  118. Closed Feedback Links
  119. Issue IE6 Viewing
  120. Closed Cant change For Sale Prefix
  121. Resolved Database Error?
  122. Resolved Private Message link in the top right.
  123. Improvement Annoying paperclip thingees
  124. Feature Request Auto display handicaps - discussion
  125. Resolved mystatus.skype.com
  126. Issue Posts out of order
  127. Feature Request Images At The Top
  128. Resolved Cookie problem
  129. Improvement Front Page Upgrade
  130. Resolved Accessing last edited feature.
  131. Feature Request Blog comments notifications
  132. Feature Request New Section for Dr Phil/Jono/Goughy
  133. Closed Does ozgolf have a facebook page???
  134. Resolved OZgolf = Slow?
  135. Question Do We need a censorship free section?
  136. Question Newbie Forum
  137. Issue Tournament result spoilers
  138. Resolved Stuck on theme
  139. Closed Anti-Virus Blocking Access
  140. Issue No mention of the "sh*nks" word in threads
  141. Resolved Hyperlinking, being logged out?
  142. Issue Posting pictures
  143. Closed PM Stats and stuff
  144. Issue i broke the interwebz
  145. Question Ozgolf Merch
  146. Question Does anyone know?
  147. Resolved lights off in member profile?
  148. Resolved For Sale Ads for New Members
  149. Resolved Page Hangs
  150. Question OZgolf Caps/Hats
  151. Question OZgolf Stubby Cooler
  152. Question When did e-shop start?
  153. Question What should be offered in the e-shop?
  154. Closed What is POTY and how do you be part of it
  155. Feature Request golfnut.com.au
  156. Issue State prefix not showing in 1st tee forum on tapatalk for iPad
  157. Feature Request Showing Dodgy sellers details
  158. Closed Cant upload pictures
  159. Closed Get rid of PMs?
  160. Resolved Can't access site on netbook
  161. Question Ignore
  162. Improvement Mark forums read
  163. Question Is anyone having issues with PM's?
  164. Issue using site on phone - edit issue - takes away spaces between words
  165. Issue Login issue
  166. Question Infraction system?
  167. Question How do I modify my user name?
  168. Question Can someone tell me what these forum "spiders" are?
  169. Question The Group Thing
  170. Question Signature
  171. Issue Dodgy advertising on the Ozgolf home page
  172. Feature Request More Emoticons
  173. Question inbox full
  174. Feature Request Sticky/Flagged PMs.
  175. Issue PM's 'repeating'
  176. Question Deleting pics from File Manager
  177. Question Using a word for a Link?
  178. Question Could a mod/admin please change
  179. Question PM sent not showing?
  180. Feature Request Exercise/Nutrition Log Section?
  181. Issue Cant click OK on dialogue boxes
  182. Feature Request Gavin Simms Memorial Cup 2012 Countdown Request
  183. Feature Request Spoiler tags
  184. Question New Avatar
  185. Issue Return Key on Firefox
  186. Improvement Lefty Pro Shop
  187. Issue Google Chrome bugs
  188. Feature Request Ozgolf dollars
  189. Feature Request Trade option in pro shop?
  190. Closed Hidden links
  191. Question Champs sub sub forums?
  192. Feature Request Is it banned?
  193. Closed Unable to Quote when posting in threads
  194. Improvement Better Anti-Spam signup protection
  195. Resolved Unable to login
  196. Feature Request Rules Forum?
  197. Question Ozgolf Hacked?
  198. Question Phone login
  199. Improvement Like button
  200. Feature Request NSW Ozgolf Days
  201. Question Time out.
  202. Issue Tapatalk on Android suddenly has ads
  203. Question iPad format
  204. Issue Forum won't allow ENTER key to create a new line using IE10
  205. Issue Tapatalk has missing posts
  206. Issue Tapatalk
  207. Question Lets make thread titles less boring
  208. Question Review of Post Count Class Names ?
  209. Improvement Pro Shop improvement - contact details
  210. Question How does the search work?
  211. Question How many posts to post in the pro shop
  212. Resolved Font size.
  213. Issue Issue with Infraction System
  214. Feature Request Can we have a NSFW thread
  215. Feature Request Review Section
  216. Resolved OZgolf official group messaging app
  217. Question Opening thread at first unread post
  218. Issue Lets Have A Discourse
  219. Improvement Pro Shop - Commercial Sales
  220. Issue No email notifications coming in for PM
  221. Improvement wanted and for sale in pro shop separated
  222. Issue Pics mandatory in "For Sale" section
  223. Resolved Section for advice, instruction
  224. Resolved Profile pic not appearing next to posts?
  225. Issue Site hangs from time to time
  226. Question Russian Brides?
  227. Question What is the point of the search function?
  228. Improvement Review Folder
  229. Question The curse of the missing cursor!!!
  230. JDM Sub-Forum for Pro Shop?
  231. Question Help needed. Someone posting under my name
  232. Question Can you delete an account?
  233. Question Changing What did you shoot this week
  234. Question Signatures
  235. Question Mobile view
  236. Question Signature changes not working
  237. Question Request for information on Australian golfers playing patterns
  238. Issue Time of posts are one hour out
  239. Issue Private messages problem
  240. Issue Pro Shop Ad taking me to home page
  241. Question Unsafe site?
  242. Have we got spam?
  243. Issue None Dare Call It Conspiracy
  244. Resolved Edit button does not currently seem to be working?
  245. Issue hi Guys any reason why I can't post any thing up for sale .....
  246. Question Submitting cards
  247. Question Multi-Quote "Ticks" stay on after replying
  248. Closed "Leave Page?" popup
  249. Question Ads
  250. Question Have we ever run a OZGOLF weekend?