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    Default 2012 AFL and NRL Tipping Comps

    Competitions for Ozgolf are located:http://www.footytips.com.au/comps/Oz...2&p=solarmanDo we want to put up some cash? I'm happy to hold it in a separate bank account, or happy for someone else to if my integrity is questionable.I was thinking $20 per comp - Total prize pool split of 1st 40%, 2nd 20% 3rd 15% Best Overall Margin (the AndyP award) 15% of total pool and the remaining 10% of each pool goes to Ozgolf Survival Fund (if required).Or do we do it for bragging rights only, with no cost and thus no administration?
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    shall we pass it onto scotttt?

    i might even have Jarro's details in my Netbanking still

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    Quote Originally Posted by wbennett View Post

    Nobody paid, nor asked to pay. At some point I thought I gave up and said it was for bragging rights only?

    Next time I see the shortarse I'll buy him 2 beers.

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    Thanks mikey


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